Writer’s Meeting Recap

Just a few tips gleaned from our WMFC meeting:


  • We shared long and short-term goals with each other. Accountability is a huge key in staying focused.
  • Diagrammed our personal goals and how to measure our progress toward our inner voice. We each need to move forward in the direction of our own unique voice. Harmonize with your voice. Disharmony results in being off sync which can happen if we attempt to mimic other voices and style. Clear certain things from our schedules and move them out of the way-mulch-so young sprouts have room to grow. Those “certain things” are different for each of us.
  • Familiarize self with “Christian Writers Market Guide” by Sally Stuart containing a wealth of information for writers.
  • Websites are a great way to further hone our craft and build a writer’s platform.
  • Blog. In order to drive the traffic, adhere to these guidelines:
    • Write regularly in your blog – suggest at least two times per week
    • Assign key words, tags
    • Write on other people’s blogs
    • Social network: Facebook, blog etc.


Assignment for Next Meeting on July 7:


Come prepared with a piece written within the last 30 days. You can post it on “meetup.com” so comments/critique can be offered ahead of time, or bring copies to share at the next face-to-face meeting.


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