Four Midnight Riders

Four Midnight Riders

We made it back to Grand Rapids and in one piece! We were grateful the rain held off the majority of the time. When it did rain, it was light and misty. Temps didn’t go below 50 degrees, so the clothing we chose proved adequate.  When riding, one has to remember to factor in the speed at which you are moving which decreases the air temperature for the motorcycle rider.

Layers assisted our bodies to hold in body heat: long underwear (top and bottom), long sleeve top, zippered hoodie, electric liner jacket and black leather coat to top all off.  Later; we added an additional top and bottom rain gear forming a waterproof layer.

This was Amanda’s first year riding her own bike on the Midnight Ride. Last year, she accompanied her dad as a passenger on his bike. She liked it so much, she enrolled in a motorcycle safety course, passed the class, then bought her own bike. This was Austin’s first ever Midnight Ride. He loved it! We enjoyed getting to know him better and in a different setting. Together, we sampled Michigan’s famous whitefish at “The Galley” and “B.C. Pizza” at night sharing with my sister and her family who camped in Mackinaw City. All of our bodies were weary and a bit sore by the time Sunday night rolled around.

Steve and Austin joined in the evening light parade of motorcycles with showy LED lights. Some donned crazy hats as they rode through the town of St. Ignace with flashing lights and horns. The evening culminated with dashes of fireworks over Lake Huron.

We took our time traveling south on the bikes toward home on Sunday. We treated Amanda and Austin to one of our favorite Polish eateries in Cross Village: “Legs Inn.”

Being part Polish, he was pleasantly impressed with the quality of food. Good food and good fellowship.

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