Mums the Word!

Mums the Word!

Mums the Word!

Mums the Word and Fall is in the Air!

Am I ready? I certainly am not ready! Do I have a choice? Not really.  Actually (my granddaughter likes to say the word “actually”), I love September and October…the fall leaves appearing from seemingly nowhere.  Plus, October has a hidden benefit:  it’s my birthday month. My birthday is on the 8th of October, so I extend it out just as long as I possibly can.  That’s why I call October my birthday MONTH!  I extend it out with birthday lunches, dinners, any type of get togethers for an excuse for dessert and a card or gift–works for me!

Remember that old song, “Seasons change and so do I?”  Don’t remember any other words to the song, but those I do. Birthdays, anniversaries, season changes are all good times to evaluate just how far I’ve come since the last one.

Have I met my short-term goals? long-term goals? Am I a kinder or more gentler human being than last year? Have I learned a new skill or noteworthy trait? Do I love my neighbor as myself? Have I given my all in whatever project my hands found to do?  

How do you rate? I come along further in some areas, but have a long ways to go in other areas.

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