Do you possess ‘intellectual property?’

DSD_7932Last evening I attended our 1st Tuesday of the month WMFCW (West Michigan Fellowship of Christian Writers) group. We gather at Panera Bread in Grandville where I met a couple of new faces. It didn’t take long to learn about our common denominators.

When asked, “Why do you write?” –I found it interesting that most of us can’t help but write. Our heads are filled with ideas bombarding our minds regardless of the time of day or night. We write because of a burning passion deep within our souls. There’s that drive to get the words down on paper and share with fellow travelers to encourage, point in the right direction, or maybe even teach others a lesson learned along our own personal journey. God gave each of us a gift/talent, and we dare not waste the skills he freely gave to us as writers.

While attending the Maranatha Writers Conference in Muskegon last month, Anne Fenske (Grace Acres Press) answered the question: “What do publishers do?” Our group offered some possible answers:

  • Read a LOT of manuscripts
  • Made decisions: reject or accept
  • Edit
  • Encourage
  • Re-focus

I found Anne’s answer to be very interesting: “Publishers are venture capitalists for people who have intellectual property.” The intellectual property could be music, art, words, articles, books, etc.

Therefore, I must make every effort possible to bring something very valuable to the table. Each work must be as perfect as humanly possible regarding spelling and grammar, crafted in a clear, focused, uniquely positioned way. My work must stand out in excellence above and beyond others as I incorporate my own voice which is uniquely different than anyone else on planet earth. This takes hard work, discipline, and an extremely tough outer shell. Am I fit for the task? Yes, I am! With God, nothing is impossible!

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