Happy Birthday to you…

Flowers from Andrew, Bethany, Liberty and Elijah

Flowers from Andrew, Bethany, Liberty and Elijah

If there was any doubt in my mind I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday, doubt disappeared when I received a call from my dear three-year old granddaughter, Liberty.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,” as she sang the words out loud and clear. I switched over to speakerphone on my cell phone inside the mobile phone store where my husband and I were talking with a salesman. The whole showroom heard her sweet voice. I beamed—others around me smiled—our salesman gave me a 20% discount on our purchases. Life is good!

When I hung up, I stated that the voice on the other end of the phone was my granddaughter calling me from Minnesota just to wish Nana a Happy Birthday!

Was it my imagination or did the atmosphere go from stuffy to friendly—all because of one phone call from a young child? The gentleman next to me at the counter started a conversation with me—“How old is your granddaughter? Mine is six years old.”

Lighter, lifted spirits seemed to permeate the store showroom. All because of a few choice words spoken in love.

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