Fall colors, Pumpkins, Petoskey Stone, Apples and “The Proposal:”



Fall Colors
Fall Colors









Orange, yellow, and reds abound as we toured Leelanau Peninsula in northern Michigan. The weather cooperated part time showering us with intermittent rain and sun. Traverse City is about 130 miles from our Grand Rapids home port, but somehow it took us over 200 miles to arrive in TC. No matter, we were celebrating my birthday “month,” since my birthday actually (how about that Liberty? Nana says that word a lot too!) Occurred October 8.

At one point, we climbed lots of steps to view Lake Michigan between Arcadia and Frankfort nestled in beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes. The climb and scenic view proved worth the huffing and puffing. Some trees still held fast their green leaves and others had blown away from early snow and fierce winds. In fact, a park ranger noted it had snowed the day we traveled.

Pumpkins popped up their orange and green colors in fields, farm driveways, and roadside vendors (yes, there are green pumpkins).  I believe I found a very sincere pumpkin patch. Apples of every color, make and genre abound. Can’t you just smell the poignant armor of fresh baked apple pie with caramel topping?

We combed the beach at “Christmas Cove” near Leland for a Petoskey stone – and yes, I did find one!!  Can’t wait to see Leland’s new municipal building once it is completed –their docks have been expanded to allow for more boats. The car thermometer registered an icy 32 degrees. At that point, we were glad we didn’t ride the motorcycle like we did last year at this time. Last year, the weather was much more comfortable for bike riding.

Steve, my hubby, wanted desperately to get to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park – and we did, prior to their closing. We ended a perfect day as we watched the final ray’s descent over Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes. Only a few brave remaining tourists remained to experience tranquility and serenity at its finest. Gentle breezes ruffled the remaining leaves—it would be a cold, clear night as a single bright star appeared and we bid the dunes goodnight.

Wait? What about “The Proposal?” more to follow in the next post. For now, I can tell you it occurred near the base of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.




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