Funeral Visitation Today

My sister and I attended Pastor/Chaplain Thomas Hammond’s visitation at the funeral home this afternoon arriving shortly after visiting hours began. We stood for an hour and a half to get near the front of the line to speak to his dear wife, June, and family.

The wait seemed to go by quickly as we reminiscenced with friends we hadn’t seen in years and met new ones. We talked of how we knew Pastor Hammond, how long, and the impact he’d made on our life. I suspect the two visitation sessions will melt together, because we left nearly two hours later, and the line formed was just as long as when we first entered the building.

Once again, I walked away amazed at the many, many lives Thomas Hammond impacted. Tom Hammond left a huge, godly legacy evident for so many to see and remember. We will miss you dearly. Thank you for all you did in my life, my family, and scores more.


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