Liberty & Elijah’s Christmas Debut

Last evening our granddaughter, *Liberty, and grandson, **Elijah, participated in their church program in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Our son, Andrew, forwarded a video of their program. We weren’t able to be there in person, because we’re preparing a place for them here in Michigan to come visit for Christmas!

Here’s the link:

**Elijah is in the red wagon – 2nd from the front of the wagon. On the bench, he’s directly to the right of the lady with the microphone. He’s wearing a dark vest, white shirt & tie, with dark slacks.

*Liberty – standing on the platform, she’s the 4th from the end, and smiling a lot for daddy’s camera! She’s wearing white tights, sparkly circle buckle with blue skirt bottom.

I’m sure you could spot them in the crowd, but just in case: they’re the cutest ones in the bunch (of course, I’m not biased in any way/shape/or form!)


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