Another “aha” moment!


      I just love it when I’m reading along in a book and spot a passage I can use it my current writings! I call that “aha” moment a God-thing!  

     This very same thing just happened on the way home from Minnesota to Michigan (no, I wasn’t driving at the time!) I cannot read long in the car without Dramamine, so I quickly read a chapter in my current book, Buyology-Truth and lies about why we buy, by Martin Lindstrom. On page 3, he states, “I’ll admit, the notice of a science that can peer into the human mind gives a lot of people the willies, when most of us hear “brain scan,” our imaginations slither into paranoia…”

     Since I’m writing mediations regarding my journey before, during, and after brain scans, tumor, and brain surgery, this seemed an appropriate inclusion.



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