keep on persevering!

Last evening our writers’ group met. Our meeting centered around two writers market guides: Sally Stuart’s, “Christian Writers’ Market Guide,” and “Writer’s Market.” They both offer  a wealth of information for gaining insight into the publishing world: what constitutes a good query letter (and  bad one), types of periodicals & subject matter by category, agents, contests, editorial services, etc…,

We shared a profitable round of discussion with critique of each other’s work near the end of the time.

Main points:

*do your homework! study 4-6 months worth of magazines ahead of time before querying the publisher.

*research in a market guide to determine what type of article/content the publisher is looking for their particular audience.

*read your piece out loud several times. it always helps to let another trusted person read your work and offer suggestions. you may/or may not take their suggestions–that’s totally up to you!

Rejection: you’re going to get it…it’s not “if”, but when! When you’re rejected, pick yourself up & begin again–no thin skins allowed. More than likely, it just means your type of writing does not suit that particular venue. You will overcome–keep on persevering!


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