All Nature Sings: A Spiritual Journey of Place


I love Carol Rottman’s analogy in, All Nature Sings: A Spiritual Journey of Place, where she shares about landscapes and seasons…listen:

“Thank goodness for that walk down the driveway every day. What a rush; what a treasure—and of a totally different, and even opposite kind! The landscape changes with the seasons, but the Creator never does. I don’t even have to carry a battery pack—God has been wireless from the beginning. We can always be in touch.

Carol J. Rottman takes us on a seasonal, spiritual pilgrimage through her eyes in a corner of their 17-acre plat of land: Flat Iron Lake Preserve. I immediately fell in love with the picturesque floral cover of the hardcover book, and continued to feel drawn in as Carol’s husband’s photography graced the pages within, All Nature Sings: A Spiritual Journey of Place. Fritz Rottman recorded images as husband and wife worked to “restore seventeen acres to its native prairie state.”

I looked forward to each successive entry of Carol’s journey to contentedness right where God has placed her. The added photography complements and add visual excitement to the quotes and scripture verses.

Recommended reading for anyone desiring to virtually join the author on an uplifting, spiritual pilgrimage. This book makes an excellent addition to coffee table or library. Presentation and layout professionally created – very impressive!

All Nature Sings: A Spiritual Journey of Place, by Carol J. Rottman

Published by Credo House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, ©2010


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