evidences of love…


            The tell-tale signs of my hospital stay are still visible. Bruised purplish-brown marks on top of my left hand where the IV port remained lodged as life-giving fluids worked their way into my system.  There’s a greenish-purple bruise adorning my left thigh where the nurse shot me with a serum to prevent clogging in my legs while I lay bedridden.  Another purple spot on my abdomen marks the site of another anti-blood clot shot for my legs. 

            I believe I can safely say missed dates, trips, and vacation, weakness, fatigue, discomfort, and inconveniences…these issues will pass. Looking at the flipside though, I see evidences of love, friendships, care and concerns—these evidences of sickness will not pass nor be forgotten: 

            Dispensing of medications, food preparation and clean-up by hubby, phone calls, emails, assurances of prayers, cards, visits, flowers, homemade chicken noodle soup, hugs and words of affirmation such as, “We missed you so much.  The place just hasn’t seemed the same around here without you!” 

            That’s what makes family and friends special, and makes me feel wanted, special, and a part of a greater good.  Just confirms that life is worth living and I do matter to others & they matter to me! 


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