4 a.m.

 4 am:   I am awakened by the pitter-patter of rain drops. Not able to stand the suspense any longer, I rise and unzip the companionway of our boat and step out into the cockpit. Sure enough! The rain is coming down – I was sleeping and had a couple of fans on down below which prevented me from hearing the soft rain. As I look in the western sky, lightening dances. I pray the sailors (both those who have already begun the race & our guys waiting their start) remain spared from storms and heavy winds.  

 Staying on board our boat in Muskegon, I feel much closer to the whole race vs. at home in my sheltered surroundings. The wind blows – the mast shakes and rumbles occasionally. I really do not want to close the windows on either side of our sailboat nor the hatch above my head. I want to continue to monitor what is going on simulating what it would be like to be in the midst of the race right now. The rain increases in intensity as I climb back into my safe, dry bed. 


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