Excellent GI doctor report…


What do I feel? Relief.  Praise to God and to my dear prayer warriors.  My gastroenterology doctor says I can stop the meds I’ve been taking now for three months to control lymphocitic colitis.  PTL!  Life is pretty much back to normal regarding foods I could eat/or not eat prior to the colitis diagnosis.  Am I cured now?  No, but next time we’ll be smarter before life-threatening conditions occur.  All good news! 

It’s not until you lose something (such as your health), that you truly appreciate its value in your life.  Take for instance, prior to discovering I had colitis, I ate pretty much what I wanted and when I wanted.  When substances (both food and drink) exited my body uncontrollably, that was the time I knew I truly was NOT in control.  A Higher Power than me reigned in my body and this life. 


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