Mario Kart Party!

My granddaughter, Liberty, called last night— and was she ever EXCITED!! 

“Nana, I got to go to the party!”

“Wow, that’s great…uh, what party?”

“The Mario Kart party!  I got to go –I won!”  (Duh, I’m supposed to know these things.  She’s been practicing and practicing till she won enough points to be invited to The Party!)

Then, she asked if I wanted to play the electronic game with her long-distance.  The four of us have played before (her Dad, Mom, Nana, and Grampa)–even while we reside in Michigan and they live in Minnesota.  It’s awesome—the wonder of electronics. At the same time, we connect to Skype and watch each other play, win, run into walls and pastures (the last feat listed might be attributed to Nana). 

Cue to Nana: BEGIN PRACTICE on my Wii Mario Kart races or else I’ll be beaten by a 4 year old!

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