The best Christmas present


Outside in the cold, damp Michigan weather…my husband and I hang our foot long candy wrapped, silver, gold, red and green ornaments. We are blessed with a 25-foot evergreen tree that stands sentry over our outdoor nativity scene. I remember last Christmas when our grandchildren, Liberty and Elijah, presented us with the large candy wrapped ornaments. The four of us hung them from the tree with glee and delight!

This time of year always makes me think of presents. What shall I buy for this person or that? I try and think of the individual person and their unique personality. What are his interests? What would she not buy for herself? What would make his eyes light up and think “she really does know me and cares!” That’s what I want to give this Christmas. Maybe it’s not something that warrants a red bow…maybe it’s an intentional act of kindness. Something that takes my time and energy.

Then there’s the perfect and best Christmas present of all. The one that required the sacrificial blood of God’s Son. The perfect gift. The one gift free for the asking.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for my gift of salvation. I’m so glad I accepted that free gift long ago. I know You desire more of me…my entire heart, soul, and strength. You are a jealous God not wanting anything or anyone else to take first place in my life. Thank you for accepting me right where I am today. I rely on You to create in me a clean heart to do Your bidding.

Ask: What gift would God have you and me give back to Him this Christmas? Is there someone who desperately needs a shoulder to cry on, or a listening ear? Will you take the time to be a friend in need?


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