Noni Tari is quoted in Dare to Dream by Florence Littauer “God never simply buries our dead and broken dreams because He’d be burying our hearts along with our dreams. Instead, He creatively turns our failures into fertilizer for an even more wonderful dream, a dream with even more potential to become fruition.”

Isn’t it good to know that God cares about our dreams, passions, and ambitions? Even though a dream appears to be crushed (whether due to another’s fault or our own), God can still resurrect it. The dream may appear in a different form, but will bring us joy and yield a bountiful harvest of fruit.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for caring about even the minutest detail in my life. You do not slumber nor sleep, but are always on the job watching, waiting, and answering my prayers. I know You long to hear from me whether I’m happy, sad, or angry.

Ask:  Is there some hope or dream in your life today that you’d like to see happen? Have you told God about that desire? Are there steps I need to complete first in order to see this dream become reality?


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