Simplicity (part 2)

My husband and I visited our son and his family after the birth of number 3 child. We treated the two older grandchildren to a restaurant visit. Liberty ordered chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of a bear head and Elijah devoured a plate of mac & cheese with applesauce. They knew what they wanted, received it kindly and proceeded to enjoy the food. They were hungry; they ate the food set before them. Plain and simple.

Together, we enjoy building Lego® (free form and with the instruction booklet), snowball fights with Grandpa, and grocery runs where Liberty pushed her own mini-cart. I encourage cookie and cake baking, messy kitchens, and extra hands to help set the table for dinner. It’s in these times, they grow and mature, and so do I. Plus, I receive an added bonus of grandchild–grandmother bonding. A simple, but priceless by-product!

It’s true what they say…if I’d known having grandchildren was so fun, I would have had them first. I’m convinced spending more time with, and learning from children, makes me a better person with a mind set on simplicity.  


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