Although I must admit, the silence proved amazing and somewhat spellbinding. A great place to sit back, contemplate, and write. Since it is dead calm, snowflakes fall straight down to the ground. Just my thoughts alone to keep me company this day—which is a great way to ponder and reflect on the past days and weeks.

I say to Steve later when we met up–this doesn’t even feel like the same place as in the summer months. It’s as if I’m in a time/season warp or something. Strange, but somehow comforting and restful. My mind wanders back to picnics, refreshing drinks, and warm summer evenings, friends and family gatherings, sleepovers with my grandchildren and whispered secrets. I wonder who will visit this summer, what new friends we’ll make, and what fresh new gardening and cooking tips I’ll acquire. Thinking of the vast potential for the Summer of 2011!  


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