Surprise – Surprise!

Palm Sunday when the children walked through the church waving palm branches, I commented to my friends next to me, “I miss my grandchildren – I need to go to Minnesota!”

Yesterday, after returning from Bible Study, I pulled into the driveway and pushed the garage door button. Nothing happened. I tried the button several times, but it still wasn’t working. I started walking to the front door and lo and behold, there stands my son, Andrew, and his entire family! Andrew is videotaping my bewildered and shocked expression. As it turns out, my husband was in on the trickery of not telling Nana we were expecting visitors.

The reason the garage door didn’t work was because Steve had disconnected the door so I wouldn’t discover their van from Minnesota hidden within.

That’s why I haven’t posted any news before this time: we’ve been too busy visiting the butterflies at Meijer Garden, playing games, and eating pizza at Larry’s Pizza! This is a most blessed early Mother’s Day surprise.


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