Day #2 of our Journey

We did see corn, corn, and did I mention corn (again)? And soybean fields galore. Iowa—feels like I’m coming home even though we don’t plan on meeting family members. Most have either died or moved to other locations throughout the U.S.

 I hear that “Sarah Palin will re-launch her “One Nation” bus tour in Iowa tomorrow; the same day that Republican presidential contenders will take the stage for a debate in Ames, Iowa.”  Plus, Obama turns up the volume in campaign. Iowa must be the place to be! And here we are.

But I was more interested in eating at the alley Canteen in downtown Ottumwa, established 1930s. I haven’t been to Ottumwa for at least 25 years. Radar, from the TV show Mash and I share the same birthplace. I wonder if the donut shop will still be there—the one Grandpa, Karen (my sister) and I visited when we visited Grandpa and Grandma. Maybe I’ll get some more memoir writing material while in town.

Nearly all the seats in the diner are full and the screen door constantly opens and closes. Some order in; many order out. One friendly employee said she’d been working there for 17 years; Flo has been there for over 30 years.

What’s a canteen you ask?  A loose meat hamburger in a bun ordered wet or dry. Wet choices: ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion.  Steve topped his off with a slice of fresh peach pie ala mode. Nothing beats a canteen!  They are the best…now, I can die happy. 


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