Day #11 – out west tour


Dusty, dusty, all is dusty!  Rubbing my thumb and forefinger together—dust is always there. Dust covers the pages of my journal. Vehicles drive by, people walk by, dog, deer, even the wind whips up and dust clouds instantly appear. There’s no relief from layers and layers of dust!  

While touring Canyon Falls (part of Yellowstone National Park), we saw bison walking right near the road. Traffic slowed to a stop and there we were out in the open with no protection should the huge beast decide he didn’t like us staring at him. Fortunately, he continued to meander along the grassy edge near the pavement and we were able to power up and move on quickly when the vehicles ahead moved.

We witnessed many crazies in the park:  

  • Vehicles in a big hurry pass on drastic curves
  • Whole families out of their car and taking up-close photos of a large bison resting
  • Group of people step over guard railing, climb down near falls, dangle their bare feet in rushing waterfalls, and then climb up a large rock—all for a picture!


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