Addendum to Day #8

We met “Ranger” Alex in the Buffalo Bill Dam parking lot. He was wheeling around in his padded, shaded golf cart. With his initial offer to take us for a spin to the other end of the lot to the visitor center, I knew he enjoyed his job. Most of my family and friends (well, probably all of them) would tell I’m not the bashful type, so I immediately began to talk with “Ranger” Alex.

“Alex, are you a real Ranger?”

“No, I just like the hat, so I wear it. Used to be in the military, but I retired. This is my Forest Gump job, and I’m loving it!”

 “Ranger” Alex supplied us with much information coupled with his own sense of humor. He’s the right man for the job! I think he’s found his niche. The dam was completed in 1910 (started about 1905) and stands a staggering 353 feet tall, 200 feet wide and 108 feet at the base. Simply amazing sight!


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