Prescription for Discouragement (part 1)

Characters of the Bible, good and well-meaning characters, still fled from God. Some for good reason…like Elijah (prophet of God)  in 1 Kings 19. He took off for Mount Horeb

Elijah on Mount Horeb

Elijah on Mount Horeb (Orthodox icon)

to save his own life. I can’t say I blame him for running from Jezebel, Phoenician princess married to wicked King Ahab. Jezebel spread idolatry (worship of the pagan fertility god Baal) and actively opposed God. Elijah was just doing his job by telling others about the one and only true God: Yahweh.

We all have highs and lows in our lives – we feel great when things are going well, but sure enough, it isn’t long and our life starts unraveling. God knew Elijah was tired, hungry and thirsty. That’s how he is—a God of the intimate, seemingly tiny details of our life.  More next time on Elijah and his resignation speech.


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