Traditions, part III

I remember my Mom during the holiday season … when family members walked through her door — we were the CENTER OF ATTENTION. I loved her loving me, my husband, my children and grandchildren. She set the table with her best china and glassware, but more importantly, she gave us her undivided and devoted attention.  

photo by Steve Lasher


I can only imagine this is the way God is preparing a place for me and all who are his children. He is readying a banquet table and mansion for my homecoming. When I pass through heaven’s gate, he’ll be waiting with arms outstretched. No other business will be on his agenda. Angels will rejoice accompanied by my Mom, Steve’s Dad, grandparents and loved ones.  

This banquet will equal no other in history. All will be perfect — down to the last cranberry and piece of pie. Nothing lacking. No sorrow or tears. Only singing, laughter, joy and contentment will be heard.

Listening to the words to the song, “I Can Only Imagine,” helps to picture what being in God’s presence may be like.


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