“Deliver Me From Evil,” by Kathi Macias, a novel

Deliver Me From Evil, by Kathi MaciasNew Hope Publishers, Birmingham, Alabama, 2011 (www.newhopedigital.com) – Fiction/Christian/General 

An inside look into sexual trafficking and various plots to aid in the abolition of this heinous crime. 

This story begins with a young girl named Mara who was sold by her parents in Mexico because they didn’t have the money to feed or take care of her. Mara was smuggled across the border and ended up in San Diego, California. Unfortunately, she ends up in conditions worse than before when she’s cast into money-grubbing, evil sexual slavery.

The plot is infused with hope as Bible-college-bound Jonathan, his family and church friends rally together in a dramatic rescue putting their own safety and comfort aside. 

I’d recommend this book to anyone who isn’t afraid to open their eyes and learn about this horrific crime taking place right here in our own U.S. cities.


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