Where did January go?

“The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you” — Numbers 6:25.

Looking at my calendar, I see the first month of January is nearly over. Where did it go? There are 31 days in the month — just like last year and the year before, so why did it seem like it flew by so quickly?

Maybe it’s because all my resolutions were not completed. I’d hoped to squeeze in a bit more writing and reading, but that didn’t exactly happen. However, I do know God’s face did shine upon me when I took the time to spend with family, rest and renewal.  Those were blessed times. I also know that God’s plans are not always the same as my plans.

Maybe it’s more quality time with your spouse or children that you crave. Or, it might mean making the effort to spend time on you … relaxing in a bubble bath, reading scripture and meditating on God’s promises. As you look forward to the month of February, my prayer is that God’s face will shine upon you and he will be gracious to you.


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