Writers just wanna tell you a story

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Writing: a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while telling it. (unknown source)

I can’t say it’s always true that I don’t want to make eye contact, but it is true I usually want to re-tell my story. After all, how can I know if the story struck a nerve or called someone to action?  The saying goes that truth is stranger than fiction. I believe that’s also a true statement.

Writing is a lonely profession usually within the confines of an office. You can verbally tell your story after it’s been written, but generally speaking a writer gets it down on paper (or on the monitor screen) first.

It may be weeks or months or years before anyone reads the print. Writing is a demanding, sometimes thankless, way of life.

I have learned that EVERYONE has a story to tell. Whether or not they are brave and remain focused to tell their story is another issue.

How do you feel about this statement? Does it ring true with you?

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