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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, “The Bungalow Mystery,” by Carolyn Keene

I just had to check out this book at the library. My Mom had the whole Nancy Drew book series and I’ve read them all more than once. But that was many moons ago and I felt a nostalgic urge to open up a Nancy Drew book on vacation.

In The Bungalow Mystery, Nancy Drew is on a mission to help a new friend whose guardian may be suspect to stealing her inheritance. Of course, Nancy encounters a crook and uses her expertise to solve the mystery crime. Predictable? Yes, but still allowed me a trip down memory lane. Originally written in 1930 and reprinted numerous times, Nancy Drew mysteries were centered on an old-fashioned quest for truth and justice.

*  Simpler times
*  Less hurry, less worry
*  Less modern technology, more relationship building
*  Exercise consisted of farms & outdoor gardening
*  Less crime & violence
*  Neighbor watched out for your child & you watched out for theirs
*  Moms, Dads, and families raised children

Those were the days … anyone remember the Nancy Drew mystery books?

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