Keep your eyes on the goal

Johann Sebastian Bach “played because God gave him that beauty & it wasn’t about him, it was about what God gave him to create … He played it because it had to be played whether anyone heard it or not.”

Do you ever feel like no one is listening or reading your words? Do you sometimes feel like you are talking to a blank wall? I do — sometimes.

But then I receive a letter from a reader who took the time to write a handwritten note. The letter spoke volumes to me. He writes, “Thank you for your transparency and ability to help others that have lost loved ones … keep the faith and keep loving Christ Jesus … keep spreading the healing balm of the Lord.”

Those words encouraged me to keep on writing, learning, and practicing the craft. Even though he didn’t say it specifically, I heard the words, “Don’t give up!” We need people who spread positive thoughts, morality, and hope. Unfortunately, we encounter negativity, immorality and fear in the real world.

So, I will focus on the goal and persevere to pen God-honoring words.

Do keep those cards & letters (and comments) coming. Thank you— I appreciate you!

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