Nothing is impossible with God

“With Him, nothing is impossible” — (Luke 1:37).

I’m considering the words to the famous song written by Chris Tomlin, “How Great is Our God.” Only five one-syllable words, but packed with power and meaning. Let’s look at a few attributes of this great and awesome God:

Sunset over Lakeshore Yacht Harbor - Muskegon Lake

Sunset over Lakeshore Yacht Harbor – Muskegon Lake

*  Clothed in majesty (compared to my filthy rags)
*  He is Light (I sometimes hide in darkness, how about you?
*  King of all Kings (I am nothing without Him)

Yet when I humble myself and call on his matchless name, I am called a daughter of the King. God desires my fellowship and bids me to walk in the light as he is in the light. He truly is a great God — worthy of all my praise.

*  Have you thought about the hugeness of God, creator of the universe
*  Have you told him your worries (none of which are too big or too small for him to handle)?


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