Steady as she goes

Bad news comes in all shapes and forms. It could be: a car breakdown, loss of job or hours at work, strained relationship, death of a loved one, inability to become pregnant, health issues, or a rebellious/wayward child. Regardless of the bad news content, we do not welcome it’s intrusion into our busy, pre-planned lives.    image001 (Copy)

Life was going so well, but then _______ or _______ happened! When life seems to go swimmingly along, I tend to revert to “neutral/coast” mode. Yet when life throws me a curve, insignificant details don’t seem to matter all of a sudden. Then I’m all about seeking wisdom or a cure. Daily mundane tasks are put on hold. I may cry out to God, Why me? Why now? I tend to search out Scripture for comfort. Or, humble myself and ask others for prayer support.

I looked up the definition of the word ‘steadfast.’ You don’t hear the word used much these days. Here’s what I found:

Fixed in direction, steadily directed, firm in purpose, resolution, faith, unwavering, firmly established, firmly fixed in place or position.

What I hear the psalmist saying is that I must keep my heart firmly fixed on God. To be steady in my direction and purpose. Do not waver on my convictions. Stand firmly planted on what I believe and in Whom I believe.

  •  Where do you go when you hear bad news?
  • How steadfast is your heart?

“He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord”—Psalm 112:7.

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