Teachable Spirit

‘Seek My face with a teachable spirit. Come into My presence with thanksgiving, desiring to be transformed’—Jesus Calling. Sarah Young mentions further, “I want you to be all Mine … I gave everything for you … hold back nothing from Me.”   Book Cover Template Life is Good v2

I wonder just how much I hold back. He desires all of me, but oftentimes I cling to my rights, my will, my desires. Do you find yourself doing the same? When I hold back little things such as choices and priorities, I lose on a much larger scale. Reminds me of a favorite quote of mine, Let go and let God.

Now that my first book is FINALLY out there, can I ease up? I’m told no by the experts. Even though the work was long and sometimes difficult, my journey (or at least the next chapter) has just begun. Now comes the marketing and promotional end of publishing: book signings, talks, interviews (check out interview with Jan Holst from MLive) , social media posts, etc.,

I am so very thankful for all my angel helpers along the way, but I still cannot do this alone. Engaging others will serve to further a mission and purpose for writing my grace story. So I now seek His face with a teachable spirit. Not a spirit of knowing-it-all or pretending to have my life all together. Such is the contrary! I need my Heavenly Father and a team EVEN MORE NOW. Transform me into a useful vessel. Useful for Your service, Your plan, and purpose. Keep me grounded in Scripture by sharing my grace story and showing others that Life is truly Good, Fragile, and Precious!     

  • What ways can you exhibit a teachable spirit?
  • Is there some area of your life you are holding back from God? If so, name it.
  • Can you place three items on your thankful list today?


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