Pot of Gold

Recently I had the opportunity to sit at a book signing table with another talented writer, Kerry McAvoy and a dear friend, Vicki. Just like in past signings, I am amazed at the similarity of people who cross our paths (or stop at our table). We received words of affirmation, shared stories, and even received hugs from total strangers. Connectedness.   Womens Expo Book SigningRelational. Each of us has a story to tell; some put the words down on paper, others tell their story with just the words from their mouth. Either way, the story deserves to be told. Told to the current generation and then the next generation will become a part of the original whole.

In conferences I’ve heard that if you intend to go into the writing business to make tons of money, you’d better chose a different vocation because that probably won’t happen. But then again, maybe those people weren’t counting new friendships, words of thanks and praise. Today my gifts equaled much more than money can buy. Like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Thank you all for the vital part you play in shaping my world which causes me to thank my Creator. The one who gifted me with insight, courage, and the talent and motivation to write my story.


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