WORSHIP – what does it mean to You?

Today my Five Minute Free Writes prompt is: WORSHIP

Today is traditionally the day of Worship. The day we get dressed up, clean up, pack our families in the car (hopefully with not too much yelling done on the ride to church) and file in a semi-organized manner into a place of worship—or church/synagogue/mosque. You may hear various genres of music featured by a choir, orchestra, or praise band. Maybe there will be no instruments.           

At the front of the gathering, a man of the “cloth” may stand in front of you. He/she may be dressed in a suit and tie, casual attire, or a robe and lapels with varied designs. However you choose and wherever you choose to get together on a Sunday morning or Saturday night, Scripture should be the main attraction. It shouldn’t be about the latest style of dress or how old the stained-glass windows are or where they came from, or who donated what within the four walls.

Let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near (Hebrews 10:25).

Some may say Worship can be done in the great outdoors among trees, flowers, or by the water’s edge. I’m not here to discuss where or who leads what, but there is one key element that cannot be ignored wherever Worship is exercised. The God of the Universe must take preeminence in the discussion. His teachings, parables, commands from the Bible need to be the focus. People groups, community awareness, or human agenda shouldn’t be the main directive.

More importantly, how can I push to a deeper relationship with my God—the one who sacrificially died, rose again for me and you, and now sits on the throne. Consider asking yourself these questions.

  • How are you preaching/living out the life-saving Gospel to your family and neighbor? Does your talk match your walk?
  • Name a few ways that you are loving your neighbor.

I’d love to dialog with you about your thoughts.


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