Go and TELL

Today my Five Minute Free Writing prompt is: TELL     apples

Go and TELL. What is it that I need to TELL? Who do I need to TELL? Those are questions that need to be answered before I can go and TELL. I have within me Good News. Good News about the One who created me, died for me, and rose again. I can TELL of His awesomeness. His self-sacrificial entire life while here on earth and beyond. When I keep the secret to myself, there are many who remain untold, clueless, and without hope. I don’t want to be a person who withholds information because I’m too busy or afraid of what others may think of me should I share with them the hope that lies within me.

As I think forward, who in my life remains untold? Who within my reach does not know of this free gift offered by the Creator of the Universe? Jesus, John the Baptist who came before Him, His disciples, etc., all were bold in declaring the Gospel. If they can be a witness, so can you and I (Mark 1).

Speak to me Lord. As I walk this path, who did you put in my path that needs to hear about You today? Here I am, Lord, send me.

Thoughts to ponder; questions to consider:

  • Where should I go today?
  • Whom would You have me speak to, be a witness to this day?


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