Sheep are Valuable

Round #3 … the Resume of a Sheep taken from Psalm 23. First, we talked about sheep being vulnerable. Our second session: sheep go astray.

This time let’s move to Sheep are Valuable!        

Being a curious person, I looked up the definition for the word valuable: having considerable worth, bringing a high price, having qualities worthy of respect, admiration or esteem.

Wow! Our Heavenly Father is speaking about me and about you! You are precious, treasured, cherished and appreciated, my dear sheep-friend.

The next time someone flings you a sarcastic remark or circumstances throw you for a loop—remember that He deems you dear. He respects you beyond all measure.

When you have a few minutes, ponder Psalm 139.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful



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