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Sometimes it’s the unknown that is our undoing. Not knowing something can be scarier than knowing the truth about something scary. I’d much rather know I have a certain diagnosis than wondering, guessing, and stressing about a problem that might or might not occur.

We usually remember the past. Where my feet are planted right now is the present. But the future—well, that falls into the unknown. The unknown can be frightening. On the flip side, knowing Who holds my future is comforting. He knows. He cares. He’s taking care of all things even though we, His creation, aren’t in on the decision making. Which is probably a good thing. I’m pretty sure if I were in charge, I’d mess up a whole bunch.

This is where the words Trust and Obey fit in. If I trust the Almighty with my future, then I need spend less time worrying about the future. I’ll trust that He’s in control. I need to follow Him; I’ll obey and do my part. One of my jobs is to tell others about what He’s done for me. To give others hope that He’ll sort out all the good, bad, and the ugly. Over and over again, God comes through. He’s answered prayer when I’ve asked, and when I didn’t ask or realize I was in danger.

  • What about you?
  • What things do you worry about?
  • Is there someone you can talk to about these worries?

Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you (1 Peter 5:7)

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