“Swiftsure” and crew took the 5th place flag in their division!!

“Swiftsure” and crew took the 5th place flag in their division!!


It was long, slow race. It seemed strange to see the empty marina when we walked back and forth from the point where boats finished. Smaller boats didn’t finish till late Tuesday night and beyond. The guys loved it…even the long stretches with little wind. Given the opportunity, I’m sure they’d do it again next year.


A gasoline powered vehicle, an ambulance in front of the hotel next to ours, seemed so out of place. We all stared and wondered what would bring this foreign mode of transportation out of its garage.


Swerving bicycles, horse drawn carriages, and horse droppings were the biggest obstacles to forward motion along the sidewalks and streets. Nostalgia permeated my veins as I walked the streets with black rod iron fences lined with multi-colored flowers. The thought occurred to me that I could be happy in this environment. At least for a time.


I foresee movie night at home featuring…“Somewhere in Time” DVD staring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour.

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