Our Anniversary Celebration

Steve & Teresa a Ludington Lighthouse

Steve & Teresa a Ludington Lighthouse

Yesterday, Steve and I celebrated a significant number of years of marriage. The day started out anchored outside of the Village of Pentwater. After our breakfast of toast and yogurt, we literally sailed/surfed 2-6 foot waves on our way to Ludington. Once “Ariel” settled in, she (and the crew) sailed great with the main and a bit of the front sail opened.


In the afternoon, we mounted our tandem bike and rode along the shoreline north toward Ludington State Park. Early evening, I made our Anniversary Dinner reservation at PM Steamers located directly in front of our marina. Steve ordered seafood pasta with mussels, shrimp and scallops. I ordered cedar planked salmon covered with spinach and a generous supply of lemons.  Yum! Yum!


I’m amazed at people’s comments and expressions when we tell them how long we’ve been married. Some comments included: “Wow, 34 years, that’s a long time!” or “Congratulations, you deserve to celebrate.”  My favorite one is “You don’t look that old.”


I was still a teenager when my high school sweetheart and I married. That doesn’t mean I’d recommend getting married that young. It’s just the way it worked out for us. We made it this far, but I’m quick to add, but for the grace of God go I (go us). I’m not a certified counselor, but have learned a few tips along our trail.


When looking for a Skipper to share a boat with (or soul-mate, life partner, spouse, whichever), look for these qualities:


Sense of humor, unselfishness, is not easily angered, inner motivation, a sense of adventure, morality, and trust. Other features to consider: similar religious/faith convictions, and the ability and willingness to communicate freely with each other when disagreements flare up (notice I said “when” not “if.”)


Skipper Steve waits while I finish writing this. He says it’s time to make a move toward a beautiful sunset with pictures to follow. Did I mention the quality of patience?

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