Portage Point Inn and Marina







“A place where families can unwind”


Storms have cleared for which we are thankful. From Manistee we sailed with a great north-westerly wind which allowed us to arrive at Portage Lake without any tacks.  


We docked at Portage Point Inn and loved it there. Steve and I took a dinghy ride around part of the lake. Our friends recommended the Inn when they cruised with their sailboat. The brochure described the facility as: “a special place of charm, tradition and nature—Generation strong.” It is true! We saw many young families there with 1-2nd and 3rd generations vacationing together.


Non-boaters can stay a weekend or week in the various accommodations. On the same plat of ground there are condos, rental cottages, and a hotel w/dining area and porch for buffet breakfast or dinner. The food was delicious; service a bit slow, but it was worth the wait.


 p.s. Steve and I both climbed a HUGE SAND DUNE right in front of the marina! Both of us decided before we left that we will plan to arrive at Portage Lake earlier in our vacation and stay longer. Thanks Vicki and Bob for recommending this stop over! We sailed away relaxed and discussing when we could come again.




Plan to leave here tomorrow and start heading south for home again.

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