ATTITUDE: The difference between ordeal and adventure


Skipper Steve at the helm

Skipper Steve at the helm

(Above quote from the boating magazine Latitudes and Attitudes)


We sailed from Ludington to White Lake yesterday with 20+ knots of wind from the South. Unfortunately, south is the direction we were headed. Heavy winds and waves bombarded directly on the nose of “Ariel”—not so fun!  We bounced, bumped and dove in and out of 2-4 foot waves continuously. It was an 8-hour rough and wide ride!


Last evening, we were glad to be in port at White Lake Municipal Marina. Our original destination was Muskegon, our home port, but had enough rocking’ and rolling for one day. Tomorrow the weather forecasts sun and less waves, so we’ll give it another go then.


Our friend, Deann, suggests we walk downtown Whitehall and check out Pitkins, the variety store—“a fun shopping experience.” So, that’s our plan for now. Shopping within walking distance??? Not all bad I’d say!

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