Oh Happy Day!

Our son, Andrew, and wife Bethany are here visiting from Minnesota.  PLUS, our two adorable grandchildren, Liberty (3 years old + 7 months) and Elijah (1 year + 5 months) are here entertaining us too!  Last evening Steve and Andrew raced aboard “Swiftsure” in the Wednesday night summer series race in Holland on Lake Michigan. What a treat for Andrew since it had been years since he’d raced on a sailboat.

While father, son and crew raced, Bethany, Liberty, Elijah and Nana built sand castles and buried Liberty’s legs in the beautiful Holland shore sands. We kept track of the racers out in Lake Michigan at the same time. When the race ended, we ran over to the channel walk and waved at Daddy and Grandpa as they sailed victoriously through the channel. They think they took a 3rd place! Way to go “Swiftsure” crew!  We were rooting for you!

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