Writers Conference updates-day #1

Hi all, just returned from a nearly full day at Maranatha Writers Conference. If the other four days are like this, my head will be swimming w/information overload!  Today we heard from Anne Fenske, of  Grace Acres Press on: Secrets every writer should know before, during and after writing their manuscript. 


  • Know the rules of the road first
  • Preparation for writing
  • Arrival – journey is not over, but just begun


  • Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How
  • Know the competition out there
  • Marketplace, what is selling hot? and what’s  not?


  • write
  • Revise
  • Collaborate
  • Re-write
  • Research
  • Revise

WHAT DO PUBLISHERS DO?  Publishers are venture captialists for people who have intellectual property (whether it be words, art, music)

It is my duty as a writer to bring something very valuable to the table for the publisher.

READ AND OBEY what the publishers want. Cannot stress this enough! If they want your name and contact info on the left side of the paper–don’t put it on the right side -more than likely, it will be dropped in the slush pile.

WEBSITES are very important. Build a database of your fan club w/names and addresses where they can register on your website. Are you out there speaking? mingling? meeting new people and gathering THEIR business cards wherever you go? Even if your book isn’t written–NOW is the time to start your marketing plan!!

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