Maranatha Writers Conf.-day #3

by the shores of Lake Michigan--Maranatha...just a few steps away


Beautiful Lake Michigan is just a few steps away from the Maranatha Conference Grounds–I’m finding the location to be the IDEAL place for ideas for my writing to spring forth.
We learned about SACRIFICES…Sally Stuart, author of “Christian Writers’ Market Guide” shared a few tips of the trade:
  • Too full schedule? – what can I give up? look first to the things I really don’t like to do or want to do (housework? that might not count–unless you can get away with it!) look at things that don’t enrich my writing life or me spiritually…maybe a few of those could go. if the task competes with my writing time (email, TV)–then maybe it’s the thing to disappear.
  • Need free thinking time. time to just “be” still and not “do.” what’s a good time for me?
  • Need “unreproducible experiences.” look for ways to do things in my life differently. take a different route to work, eat at a different restaurant, meet with a new person/acquaintance for coffee. fill your reservoir with new, quirky ideas.
  • Need to be more curious? listen (eavesdrop on conversations–it’s okay, you’re a writer!) smell, look, taste–use ALL your senses to sniff out a story. write a profile or scene every day. BE ALERT AND AWARE wherever you go! More than likely, a story is brewing!

more to follow… 

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