Frost on the pumpkin…and everything else!


We have frost on the pumpkin this morning (just so you know how we Mid-westerners live). Actually, we would have frost on the pumpkin if I’d purchased a pumpkin! That comes later in the month.

The weatherman predicted the frost. Frost was bound to happen eventually. But why so early? I balk at change. I tend to get comfortable with status quo. Summer shorts and tee-shirts have to now give way to long pants, long sleeve shirts, and shoes with closed toes. Yuck!

I’m not ready for winter! I’m not sure I’d ever admit to being ready for the drastic temperature changes. (see photo of thermometer registering 34 degrees this morning!) Whether I’m ready mentally or physically, life goes on. I can choose to be prepared and go with the flow, or I can moan and groan, kicking and screaming (sometimes, I’d rather kick and scream) Regardless, after summer comes fall, then winter and snow.

Seasons change, and so must I. If I place that quote in the spiritual realm, I must ask myself: have I changed? Is my relationship with God any different or better than a month ago, six months, or last year? Last year at this time, I knew of my brain tumor. I didn’t know the outcome of brain surgery, but I knew God—the Great Physician—was in control of the outcome.

This year, I can honestly say my relationship with God is stronger, closer. Through this past year’s pain, change, and learning to trust God and lean on others, I have grown in my faith. Growing pains that wouldn’t have come about in smooth sailing days.

We saw miracles from His hand and blessings galore. I chose not to become bitter, but better. I give God the glory and honor He richly deserves as He remained with me all the way. Family and friends demonstrated their love to me in ways I hadn’t seen before.

So, yes, I am strong, alive and well AND prepared for this next season of my life knowing God has my best interests in mind and He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Go with God,

Teresa Lasher ©2009

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