Mother & Daughter Bonding Time


Since my daughter, Amanda, plans to escape to Florida soon (and leave her mother behind I might add), I thought a refresher on our nails might do the body and spirit good. Besides, just because she comes from the North Country, doesn’t mean her toenails can’t look tropical. They must have an artistic, carefree flair about them if she plans to mix with people accustomed to 70+ degree temperatures and sandals with exposed toes.

I treated my daughter to a pedicure, and since I wanted this event to be a Mother-Daughter bonding time, I treated myself as well.

So many colors and varieties to chose from! Do I want pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and a combination of some of the above? I love the goofy names OPI® attaches to their unique colors.

  • Amanda chose “Gargantuan Green Grape,” applied by Jen
  • I went for a color I’d never used before: “Blue My Mind,” applied by Rachel
  • We left feeling beautiful and pampered

 We had the first two appointments of the day at Angel Nails on Leonard Street, NE, so there was no wait, and they took care of us famously!




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