Interruptions…don’t you dread them?




Today, we had a wonderful luncheon get together after our Bible study class. One of the discussion questions we talked about was interruptions in our lives, and how we could see God working in and through the interruption.

  • One gal shared about her sister who has cancer, but has such a marvelous outlook on life as others watch her continue to live a godly life.
  • Another shared of a young mother thanking her for serving in the Apples of Gold program at church.
  • Betty fell and broke her hip at a most inopportune time (is there a good time?). She saw later how the whole family came together as a result of Betty’s been laid up for a time.

Immediately, my mind went to last November when the MRI revealed a tumor alongside my left temporal side of my brain along my optic nerve. God sure did get my attention then! But as I think back, I see so many miracles and blessings beginning with my long distance friend commenting on my swollen eye. Later I got a complete blood workup (which showed nothing wrong), then eye testings, and later the MRI. God had put into place a specialized surgeon at Spectrum (originally from Boston) just months before. Prior to his acceptance of the position in Grand Rapids, there was no surgeon here to do this type of surgery. 

We all have interruptions in our life (some good and others, seemingly not-so-good). At the time, it may seem horrible, but looking backward, often we see God’s hand at work in the tapestry of our life.


Has there been an interruption in your life that you can think of, and can look back at now and see God working in and through the circumstances?




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