Addition to the Celestial Nursery


We now have a grandbaby in heaven. Bethany and Andrew now have a child in heaven.

When I see those words in print – I can’t help but tear up. I know there’s a reason why our daughter-in-law, Bethany, miscarried and God knows best. The baby was about 11 weeks along.

I can’t help but wonder…what color were his eyes? or her eyes? What color of hair did the baby have? If he/she lived to full term, would they come out smiling and happy or screaming to the top of their lungs?

In some ways, it seems indecent not to mourn, to have a funeral ceremony of sorts. I guess society says we should move on…it was meant to be…better for the baby and the parents.

I know I’m not alone. I just spoke to a dear friend, and she has a grandbaby in heaven and a child of her own there too. Maybe that softens the blow just a little—to find out others grieve and mourn in a similar fashion. And maybe the babies are in the same nursery together being rocked and sung to without a care in the world.

It helps to think of our grandbaby in this celestial nursery and surrounded with the utmost love and care!


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