Festival of Faith & Writing conference

I’m gearing up for the Festival of Faith & Writing 3-day conference held right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Calvin College. This conference is held every other year, and I’m excited about the line-up. However, there are so many speakers and workshops to choose from…how can I know which is the right one? 


I want to attend them all fearing I’ll miss something if I do not. But, it is not possible to attend them all – I must choose one from each time category spot.

Featured speakers: David and Diane Munson, Wally Lamb, Ed Dobson, Eugene Peterson (wrote  translation, “The Message”), Rhoda Janzen, Kate DiCamillo (“The Tale of Despereaux”), Luci Shaw, and many more!

An author-friend suggested I go through the list and circle the ones that sound interesting to me & where I am right now in my writing journey. This will give me a tentative game plan. However, if at the last minute, another topic/speaker arises, I should be flexible and possibly go with that one. Once she did that very same thing–had her game plan all mapped out, and at the last minute, another topic piqued her interest. She went with it, and it turned out to be the best workshop ever!

I like that plan. Be flexible and let go and let God lead!


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